Carson's Run Mountain Rental
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About The Run

 How two people from Rhode Island came to settle 0n Dahlonega, Ga. was really quite by accident.  It all started in early 1996, when two guys met in a motorcycle chat room, back when chatting was the new thing. Steve, from Warwick RI was seeking advise on long distance trips. An avid rider who's nickname was Pete, had lots of stories to tell. Thier chats became regular events during those snowy months while they anxiously awaited the arrival of spring. One chilly March day brought a nice surprise. Little did Steve know that a motorcycle was making it's way south from Canterbury, New Hampshire that morning. A knock on the door revealed Pete, dressed in his cold weather riding suit with an arm full of travel books. During that short but interesting visit, they planned to get together with thier wives that summer. 

 The winter of 1997 presented an unexpected opportunity. Pete told Steve that he was planning a two week "RUN" (a motorcycle term for a long ride). The trip was to take place in June, the destination was  Georgia, campsites only, rain or shine. Pete's idea of fun was to find the curviest roads on the map. Steve promptly invited himself, knowing he could learn from the master, and was accepted into the group.

 At the southern most point of the "run", Pete arranged for the group to meet up with a  friend  of his from Athens, GA. The meeting spot was a small town just over the mountain from where the group was camping. The name of the town was.... (you guessed it) Dahlonega. As soon as they pulled their motorcycles into the town square, Steve just knew he would call it home someday.

Fast-forward nine years. Steve and his wife, Melissa, were given a chance to visit Georgia, to take part in a vintage micro-car event in May. Steve and Melissa planned extra time into thier trip to see different areas of Georgia. Steve saved Dahlonega for last and on a bright sunny day, they pulled into that same square where Steve and his friends had parked thier bikes ten years earlier. Dahlonega was just as nice as Steve had remembered and he was still hooked. They spent a few days exploring the town and before they left, Melissa had Steve looking at homes for sale. One year later, they closed on the house they found on Cedar Mountian Road.
                                     Steve and Pete on the Blue Ridge Parkway

The next two years were spent planning and remodeling the house. With much of the work done and the home ready to rent, it was time to come up with a fitting name for thier mountainside home. A dozen names were tossed around, spending a few days trying each of them out.  In the end, they realized that if it had not been for that man from New Hampshire, none of this could have happened. They thought about how the chance meeting of two strangers had propelled them to this point. So, it was decided to honor Steve's friend Pete, who's real name is Carson. Hence, Carson's Run, and that is the story of Carson's Run Mountian Rental.


                                                                            Carson' Run Mountain Rental
                                                                                  206 Cedar Mountain Road
                                                                                    Dahlonega, GA 30533
                                                                            Reservations (401-290-8337)

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